Stand-up + Live Music + Characters + free baby animals

 Who knows...

Who knows...

It all started…

in February 2017, when Caleb walked over to Music City Rehearsal on Bush st. and booked the biggest room they had for the following month. It was a basement designed for small bands to play showcases, but he booked it for a stand-up comedy show that mixed in some improv comedy and live music. At that point, he had a good amount of experience with improv, but had done only one open mic and had no one to perform.

One year later, ClusterFunk SF has held shows in some of San Francisco's most historic music venues and has had standing room only attendance at every show. The show is a high energy blend of stand-up comedy, live music, and some other surprises sprinkled in.

Caleb made this because he wanted a show like this to exist in SF, and the goal is to continue making a name for ourselves by putting on shows we want to see.




Valerie Vernale - comic

"ClusterFunk is an amazing show with a great vibe. It’s definitely one of my favorite shows to do because Caleb and the crowd are so supportive. Their venues and talent for the show are also top notch."


Joey Avery - comic

"ClusterFunk is both sick AND chill. A hidden gem that showcases the next best entertainers to come out of the Bay Area before they get too cool to return Caleb's phone calls."


Tony zavala - comic

"ClusterFunk was a rad time and super fun to do. The band were dope and added a lot to the energy of the show and the games were cool too. Caleb's on to something here."


james mwaura - comic

"ClusterFunk is one of my favorite shows here in the city, both to attend and perform in. Each one has been in a cool venue, packed with a fun and lively audience, and the music and comedy has always been great. Highly recommend checking this one out!"

torio website photo.jpeg

torio van grol - comic

"ClusterFunk is the Roger Federer of comedy shows because it's the greatest of all time." 

"Listen, Game of Thrones isn't coming back for a while, so might as well go to ClusterFunk."

emily website photo.jpg

emily catalano

"ClusterFunk is super fun. Great mix of comedy, improv and improvised comedy. And it’s fun."